Written by Krysta Zelaya

The new Alison Wonderland single “Bad Things” just dropped and it’s got us in our feelings. The song is an introspective look at past trauma and new beginnings. Alison has described the song as being about “rebirth” and “not entertaining bad things anymore.”

The video itself lives up to the artists famous moniker. Set on an isolated ranch with trippy graphic effects, a stunning color scheme of stark white, pastel purple, and deep reds and blues adds to the eerie vibe of the video. Alison herself gets sucked into the mirror much like Alice down the rabbit hole. Though the subject matter is intense, the song itself is overall uplifting. She continually reminds herself and her audience to not “fall in love with the bad things.” It’s easy to get sucked into dark feelings, especially right now, but it’s good to take a breath, be present, and focus on working towards self love and self care.

Alison has openly discussed issues she’s had with her mental health. The song is a beautiful tribute to the work she’s done confronting and dealing with her own demons.

If you or anyone you know is dealing with mental health issues, you can go to >>samhsa<< to find resources.

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