Written by Sina Watson

Liquid Stranger is wasting no time in delivering dynamic and breathtaking music on his new downtempo label SSKWAN. Last month the record label debuted with Au5‘s 5 track Alchemy EP, which was widely received by fans, receiving thousands of listens.

SSKWAN’s second release, “It Goes in Waves,” is a psychedelic collaboration from Wakaan alums INZO and Blookah, as we welcome newcomer Align. At 130 bpm the three artists come together to create one incredible journey for its listeners.

Touching on psychedelic and spiritual influences, “It Goes in Waves,” begins with a beautiful intro before whisking its listeners away into a blissful dreamscape. The heavenly synths transports you into the clouds, while the bass brings you back to center. I’m not sure if it was the stress of this year or that combined with the 5 sticks of incense I burned today, but a few tears were shed while listening to this beautiful track. I found comfort and peace between its bass line and trippy melody.

INZO is a no stranger to Wakaan family having played the inaugural festival last year as well support on Liquid Stranger’s most recent tour. Having had the chance to sit down with him last year when he stopped in Houston, I’m a huge fan of INZO’s creative process and his ability as an artist to construct a profound and emotional atmosphere for his fans. Not limiting himself to just one genre, INZO consistently delivers euphoric melodies and rhythmically savvy percussion with a high production value.

“…There was a psychedelic inspiration that we all shared, that we felt this song summarized during its creation. The theme & experience of that psychedelic inspiration was that it came and went in waves, hence β€œIt Goes In Waves.”INZO

This is the second collaboration for INZO and Align, after teaming up last year for their heart wrenching vocal track “Notions.” As a huge fan of both artist’s individual music as well as “Notions”, I was excited to see them in the studio again.

Chicago producer Align is known for creating thought provoking music for the everyday listener. He has appeared alongside Louis the Child, Hayden James and Thomas Jack. Earlier this year he released “Reflections,” featuring Jenni Potts who is known for her vocals on Odesza’s “White Lies.”

β€œ…We had put down a bunch of heavier and more dance ideas, and we were all ready to make something that was a lot more downtempo. We went into creating this track with with that in mind, and started it goes in waves. The three of us continued taking turns adding elements and ideas to the project, and the process went incredibly quickly.”Align

Midwest beat maker Blookah, has developed a laid-back and chilled-out sound, drawing from old school boom-bap-era hip-hop production and modern dance music. 

“…This vibey tune invites the listener to explore their inner muses while journeying through waves of face scrunching bass and knocking production wrapped in heavenly synths. Like modern day life, the analog and digital interact harmoniously here and create a meditative space worthy of both headphones and large festival sound systems.”Blookah

I hope INZO lets everyone back into his studio soon because my ears are ready to ride the wave of these 3 artists. Until then I’ll be burning more incense and playing this track on repeat for the remainder of 2020.

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Posted by:Sina Watson

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