Written by Victoria Garces

The annual NSD: Black Label XL album has been released with this years host, Oddprophet. Curating the 7th installment of the compilation with familiar names like Aweminus, Krimer, BadKlaat, Kill Feed, and Graphyt, while also highlighting new names like JoeB and TRVCY. The compilation is filled with heavy sounds, melodic vibes, and is all around maddening. XL7 ranges from sounds throughout the bass realm. “Evolved” from BadKlaat having those rich dubstep kicks, and warping growls, while Aweminus‘ “Close Your Eyes” has more riddim kicks and deep sounds; ensuring each style gets its proper representation. We briefly chatted with Oddprophet and talked to him about advice for growing producers and what it was like curating the XL7 album.

TRILLVO: Highlighting artists on such a great platform is so rewarding, what’s been your favorite part about picking these artists to feature on the compilation?

Oddprophet: Being able to curate my students that I’ve been teaching over the pandemic in the mix, that for me is the most rewarding part about the process. Artists like Speedshift, Doc Glock, Mr. Fink and DemonEyez have all smashed it this year so far and have made appearances in the mix in order to help achieve the recognition they deserve. Choosing artists like Trvcy and JoeB for the compilation release further cements their status as “ones to watch.” They have made massive strides and choosing them for this compilation only elevates their potential.

TRILLVO: Which one of these artists do you see yourself collaborating with in the future?

Oddprophet: Collabing with artists like Badklaat and Aweminus would probably result in bangers if we collabed. However, JoeB and I have similar tastes in dubstep. While he’s told me I’m a huge inspiration to him, he’s now a huge inspiration to me. Our styles wouldn’t clash in the slightest and we’re both British. It’s pretty obvious we’d make a slapper together. In fact, who’s not to say it’s in the works right now? Keep your eyes peeled.

TRILLVO: Any advice to the rising artists out there?

Oddprophet: Not to sound like an advertisement right now, but the fastest way to improve is investing in a mentoring program like Defyre Society or one-to-one mentoring from a producer that will take you under their wing. There’s only so much YouTube tutorials can do for you and can’t answer your questions directly. Having that person who knows what they’re talking about helping you and your productions can elevate you much faster. Plus, this industry is like any other. It’s about who you know over what you know for a lot of cases. You’ll also be supporting artists in a time where this is their only income. It’s a massive win-win.

The compilation has already made waves throughout the bass scene with the mighty XL7 Mix Oddprophet released, packed to the brim with some heavy favorites of the host, chilling IDs, and tracks from the compilation.

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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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