Article Written by Nathen Lane

From ground coffee, to painting, to sound engineering, Griz has released yet another amazing album. Chasing the Golden Hour Pt. 3, has sparked the positivity the listeners have needed during these hard times. Sit back and relax; as we talk about some of the songs in this 9-track album, and talk about what golden hour you might be chasing.

Photo from Facebook

The Denver resident has lit up the charts once again with his ground-breaking third episode in his series of, Chasing the Golden Hour. The album consists of melodic music that’s promising to help ease whatever stress you have, and to live in this very moment of harmony. Track after track; I feel myself drawn in with all my stress left behind. Listening to the album after a long day of work, or through traffic, releases all worries from earlier in the day. Let’s dive into some of my favorites in this album since well, music is art; and art is subjective!

One of my favorite tracks off the album, in no particular order, is “Floating” an original by Griz. The song gives me a similar blend of melodies; as if Tycho and Odesza were to have a baby and popped out this song as their newborn child, whose name is Grant. The track consists of calm yet warming melodies that are consistent throughout the song to keep you in the present; to keep you at peace with ones inner self.

Photo Taken From Facebook

The next track off the album that really drew me in was another original, “Koh Samui.” The song consists of laid-back melodies to ease the mind and soul; exactly what we need during these apocalyptic times. This song puts me in the mood to go on a cruise; chasing the golden hour until dusk.

Another track that really got my attention was “Gettin High, Havin Fun.” There’s just something about GRiZ playing that saxophone that keeps my ears moister than an oyster, down in the deep blue sea. With jazzy melodies and original sounds from the Grizzly Bear, it’ll keep you thumping your foot to the beat.

The last track off the EP that really drew me in was, “Know Time Like The Present.” As you see in the picture up above taken from Facebook, GRiZ wrote lyrics out about how, “You shouldn’t try, you should just be… just like the universe doesn’t demand anything from us…as we are always trying to figure it all out. You exist so that everything can.” These lyrics really got to me as the intro played out into an exquisite blend of sounds layered with the infamous saxophone and guitar we all know GRiZ knows and loves dearly. There’s so much depth behind the intro of the album; as it sets up the overall mood of the album.

Overall, Chasing the Golden Hour PT.3, has came and saved his listeners from the very stress we are dwelling in right now. Track after track, you feel completely different at the end of the song as you had when you pressed play. It truly is so hard to pick one track over the other; as each one is very unique in their own ways. This mixtape will be one in my library I keep and show my future kids for generations to come. Truly an outstanding compilation. If you haven’t done so yet, I highly suggest you preview this meticulous album down below.

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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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