Written by Sina Watson

For Houston based DJ, MizzMegan, music has always been an essential piece of her life. Growing up she had a fascination with her grandparents’ vinyl records, and would alphabetize piles of 45s just for fun. At the young age of four she began taking dance classes, which exposed her to a wide variety of music genres ranging from R&B and Hip Hop to disco, pop, and early 90’s dance. Now after thirty years of dancing to other artists’ music, as a DJ and producer, she’s begun to soundtrack the rhythm to her life.

A self diagnosed “sucker for sax,” Megan finds comfort in creating dance music that’s rooted in jazz. Driven by percussive basslines, this tap dancer naturally gravitates to anything with a groovy beat, and her years spent in jazz band have given her an ear for funky sounds. Motivated by her curiosity and naturally creative spirit, making music has been a form of honoring her true self. 

The last 2 years of her DJ career have been nothing short of monumental from hosting Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage Residency in Houston to opening up for Cut Snake at one of Houston’s largest nightclubs, Stereo Live. While she may be a fresh face to the world of electronic music, after spending years on stage, MizzMegan knows how to read an audience to deliver a one of a kind experience to her listeners.

Given her close connection and bond to Fantastic Voyage music, it only makes sense to release her debut edits EP, “RV Edits,” on the label. Paying tribute to some of her biggest influences Pharell, Lauryn Hill, Prince, and more, the 5 track EP is a road trip down memory lane as MizzMegan makes her favorite childhood tracks new again.

MizzMegan’s “RV Edits” EP drops tomorrow on Bandcamp and can be purchased here. Listen and preview her EP with the link below. Additionally, Megan walks us through her inspiration and creative process for each track.

When the Last Time
Having preformed countless dance numbers to the infectious hip-hop staples from Clipse and N.E.R.D, and Megan’s first ever edit, its only fair that it kicks off her epic EP.   Guided by the legendary sounds of classic ghettotech fused with hip-hop samples, she felt empowered by the chorus’ proposition, “when the last time you heard it like THIS?” This became the driving force behind the EP’s idea of making her old favorites new again.

“Starting to edit tracks I was already in love with was super intimidating; I didn’t want to ruin these epic songs! But the vocal on this chorus, “when the last time you heard it like this,” became really empowering as I ventured into this creative quest to make old songs feel new again.” – MizzMegan

Doo Wop (That Thing)
The second track on the EP is a tribute to Ms. Lauryn Hill’s iconic “Doo-Wop (That Thing)”. According to Megan, Hill’s Miseducation album is one of those albums that she can listen to from start to finish without skipping a track. Furthermore, Megan has many special memories dancing to this track, having preformed her first ever hip hop choreography to is as a kid. Going into its edit she had one goal: strip it down.  Then she let the harmonies and soul from the vocals speak for themselves as she built the track back up with a little taste of Caribbean steel drum and afro-cuban piano.

“I have a real love for the afro groove subgenre of house music, and these congas and claps with the tambourines just made me feel like I was getting down in a no-frills side-of-the-road island jam band.” –MizzMegan

Round and Round
Thanks to a music loving mother, the soundtrack to Megan’s childhood was a mix of Motown, funk, pop, disco, and 90s dance. Growing up her mother always had a heavy arsenal of Prince ready to hit play. Ironically, this classic Tevin Campbell track was actually produced by Prince bringing Megan’s musical journey full circle. Letting the original track take the lead, she cranked the bpm, sprinkled a little percussion on top and added a good kick and hi-hat to transform it for the dancefloor.

I let myself time travel right back to those sing-along days with my mom. I will always imagine her on every dancefloor with me when I play this new edit.”MizzMegan

Put Your Records On
Longing for the days of listening to her grandparents 45s, when Megan moved into her new home earlier this year, she vowed to pick up a record player and start her vinyl collection. A few months later, she found herself stuck inside her house due to the pandemic. This was the perfect opportunity to put her favorite records, making Corinne Bailey Rae‘s infectious track the official soundtrack to her chores. Soon her curiosity got the best of her and she began messing with the track to create an upbeat dancefloor edit. This edit had me dancing in my room with a big smile on my face while simultaneously looking up record players  online to start my own collection.

The final track “Breathe,” was born during lockdown in the pandemic. According to Megan, the time spent alone took quite a toll on her mental health. Telepopmusik’s “Breathe,” really resonated with her as she awaited for life to return to normal.  The soothing melody of this early 2000’s electronic track was begging to be turned into a dance mix. Armed with her keyboard and no place to be for the foreseeable future, she got to work on making the track her own.

“The lyrics, “another day, just believe; another day, just breathe,” became somewhat of a mantra as the days turned to months… I could imagine the days when we would return to the dancefloor and float away on these dreamy synths and driving bass. This edit became my personal lullaby for the dancefloor.” –MizzMegan

I met MizzMegan over a year ago when I first relocated to Houston. Bonded by disco balls and our love of house music and Justin Jay we’ve become quite close the last year. She was one of my first friends in Houston and exposed me to Houston House and the underground dive scene. I am so incredibly proud of MizzMegan and her “RV Edits,” on Fantastic Voyage Music. Her appreciation and understanding for all genres of music is truly inspiring and I feel so blessed to have such a genuine soul in my life.

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