Article Written & Pictures Taken by Nathen Lane

HU₵₵I; a major influential artist in the genre of Trap for a decade, has shown us what he’s been producing in the studio in the previous months. Amid 2020 being cancelled, it’s without a doubt gave artists time to experiment. His latest release was actually a remix of a track JMSN made, “Alone,” which dives into some experimentation I believe he is taking with the project. It’s been quite some time since this style of music was something Hucci played around with. As an artist constantly broadening his spectrum such as developing a label, “Veyron Arche,” to an alias vocal side project that goes by Truvian Grey, the mans is always trying to keep originality on the table. Let’s dive into the track shall we?

One of the very few original dons of Trap has been taking leaps and constantly evolving his style and sounds. Hucci released a remix of JMSN‘s, “Alone,” that really slows things down; something to listen on a rainy day. Ollie combined some of his old sound with a new style of sounds and beats meticulously. Besides the high-intensity trap beats we all know and love from Hucci (Leaves Are Brown, Wings, Hitta), he has a unique style to his music that really takes you on a journey through each song. From tracks such as, “Roll it Up,” or his famous collaboration featuring The Weeknd, “I Got You,” Ollie‘s versatility in musicality is superb; yet is still an understatement. His remix of, “Alone,” was refreshing to say the least; as a bit of nostalgia surfaced on my skin from when I first discovered Hucci and the project 8 years ago. It’s truly something to see the direction people take with their music; as it helps them find more and discover more about themselves.

Besides the recent release of the remix of JMSN‘s track, Hucci released some originals in the past few months whom go by, “Skywalker,” & “Caterpiller,” in which both include a very special chapter in Ollies project he’s been experimenting with. For the past 4 years, Ollie has slowly released what seems like WIPs under the alias, “Truvian Grey.” On top of already being the creator of a major record label called, Veyron Arche, Ollie has shocked the listeners with this vocal project finally surfacing with his latest releases on his main Trap project; Hucci. It seems he released two more songs as of recent under Truvian called, “Merryland,” & “Silver Bullet,” which are very different than what’s he released before; but I’m all for it. Not only does it show his creative horizon; but that Ollie isn’t focused on one genre of music.

All-in-all, Hucci has shown us what he’s been up to amid the pandemic. From new music to an entire new project, Ollie is really trying to expand his creativity across all forms of melodies and music. Be sure to check out his latest release on Hucci down below!


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Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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