Written by: Michael Placencia

Back yet again, Mau5trap and Insomniac have put their collective efforts together to give us this eclectic blend of House, G House, Electro & more. And after the first go-around, this 2nd compilation once again pleases the ears. No Mana starts things off with “Badder Things”, which is another form of the Psytrance hit that he and i_o made a few years ago. I have to admit, it doesn’t impress as much as the original, but it’s appreciated for it’s darker take. Kyle Watson gives us “Way Down”; Which is a nice little foray into House territory. It’s a great track for a shuffler who wants to warm up their feet. Tommy Trash‘s “4U” has to be one of my stand out favorites. It’s a beautiful track with a nice ethereal opening, before dropping into this mechanical-sounding House banger. The track is addicting, and I still find myself coming back to it even now.


Photo courtesy of cultr.com

Steve Dark & Plastic Roots bring a round of ominous House music into the mix with their swift use of interesting sounds. Speaker Honey’s “Space Arp” sounds exactly as its title describes, and will take you on a spatial journey. Another heavy hitter comes in the form of Jay Robinson & MASTERIA’s “Pass That.” It’s a nice dose of Acid House for the masses. Back on Mau5trap‘s side, SVNF8 gives us a darker type of Trance with “Fuzzy.” It’s sure to take you for a trip. Body Ocean‘s “Within Reach” slows things down, but will get you wrapped up in deep thought. HVDES‘ “Memory of You” gives us a big dose of Electro, with beautiful lyrics to go along with it. Casmalia gives us a “Four Letter Word” we can all agree on, while Bentley Dean gets a little “Avoidant”. The track gives off a promising buildup that emerges into Electro goodness. Last but certainly not least, NOISES closes out the compilation with, “Work.” And it’s definitely another one of my all times faves on this compilation. It’s House at its most energetic and finest.

If these Mau5trap x Insomniac compilations continue to be a yearly thing, then count us heavily invested. While every track may not be for everyone on these compilations, we can guarantee that you’ll come to love at least a good handful, if not more.

For more on both Mau5trap and Insomniac, follow them on their socials below

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