Houston‘s very own, Luzcid the free form mastermind and sensational psychedelic bass music aficionado, has finally graced the masses with the envelope-pushing Luminescent EP. Out now via Wakaan. At the forefront of this new wildly explorative bass music scene, Luzcid is no stranger to being the one to release something reality-bending, and “Luminescent” is filled to the brim with tracks that do just that. Tracks like “Swamp Sorcery,” “The Jellyfish,” and “Sidewinder,” each consolidate a multitude of enjoyable, unique sounds. Each track creates a brand new environment for most listeners with the out-of-the-box sound design from Luzcid. While tracks like “Gimme That” and “Lines” create new takes on atmospheres we’ve become comfortable with. Luzcid further develops not only the genre, but the listener’s acceptance to new and progressive evolution.

“Sidewinder” is easily my favorite track to date coming out of Luzcid‘s brain. It being so different and incorporating a myriad of sounds that I never imagined could fit together. Let alone building off of each other as well as they do. A close second would have to be “Lines,” a track that invigorates the listener with energy and almost makes you feel like you’re on a metaphorical sprint towards the edge in your head. The Luminescent EP boasts five belters, all with different and recognizable feels and sounds. We hope it’s a sign of what more to expect from the melodic-bass cognoscente himself.

“By definition luminescence is spontaneous emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat; or “cold light”. Over the past several months I have noticed the music world redefining what we consider high energy bass music. It is becoming wildly more melodic and explorative. In this way I see a parallel to the concept of luminescence.We are finding a new way to create light, as opposed to always using heat. This new musical freedom is what created the Luminescent EP. When the world turns dark use it as an opportunity to learn another way to create light.” – LUZCID

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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