Written By: Blue

The trap lords of Partica Artist Group have kicked off spooky season with their newest release, Sanctum. A combined effort from trap kings M.E. Swank, ZCR, and Danforth that really brings the heat to start October, or as I like to call it, Traptober. This is the first release of their new album GHOST NOTES VOL 1. They will be dropping new tracks all throughout October.

This triple threat hits hard with a deep resonating 808 bass line that sends shivers down your spine. Partica is paving the way for some of the genre’s newest and heaviest hitters while maintaining the true essence of trap. Don’t call it a comeback because Trap has been here all along and this label is pumping out bangers left and right.

The track goes in from the start of it and doesn’t let up until the very last measure. Spooky stuff indeed and they are just getting started. Make sure to keep an ear out for more releases from Partica in the upcoming weeks.


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