Written by Erik Gonzalez

Rome in Silver and Tails combine together to drop their latest trackl, “Forever.” The song, released through Monstercat, shows how well the two artists compliment each others experimental/modern styles. Although the song presents an almost feel-good sound, the lyrics talk about “surrendering to the unknown,” as Rome in Silver put it in one of his Instagram posts…

Forever is actually about giving up. Surrendering to the unknown, putting all your efforts in one place and committing to something or someone. Trusting yourself and the process and hoping for the best.

This song is the first collaboration I’ve released with another producer in 6 years. Tails and I worked on it via Zoom over the past few months and realized we had something great on our hands. Enjoy!

“Forever” can best be expressed as a combination of trap and future bass aligned with instrumental sounds like the flute and drums that are sure to mellow you out. In addition, Tails’ voice throughout the track surely juxtaposes it in the best way; giving more power to the melodic bass soundscape that dives into trap. The intensity within the track holds great balance with the gloomy lyrics the Vancouver based artist sings. Towards the end, “Forever,” lightens up the listeners by being sped up for awhile, then returning to the futuristic bassline for a beautiful finish. Surely, fans like myself will be keeping an eye out to see what else the two producers have in store for us. Listen to the track now via the Soundcloud link below or click here to view all streaming portals!

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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