Nikademis‘ melodic-bass side goes into full effect on his new track, “All The Same”, incorporating pop track vibes with stunning vocals from BetweenUs and the deadly-aggressive, in-your-face bass style we’ve come to know him for. The lyrics are emotional and meaningful, telling a story of someone that was used, played, and treated poorly who’s now seeing they’re worth more than what they were allowing themselves to be sold for. The drops build upon and add to the emotion, each special in their own way and matching the story of the track almost synchronously. Overall, “All The Same” is a melodic-bass track that ebbs and flows with the story being told with it, and both song and story are elevated to newer and higher levels by the matching energy each brings.

The lyrics have me completely enamored, and I quickly found myself rooting for the protagonist. The entire song is so good and so well-made, and everything seems to come together in a way that leaves me without words on each replay. It’s been a long while since we’ve gotten a song that is predominantly melodic from Nikademis, and this is absolutely the perfect track to introduce his fans to his more emotional side. Big ups Nick, can’t wait to hear this on a stream sometime soon!

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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