Giving us true sinister October vibes, G-Rex unveils his latest track “HITTA.” The spine-chilling track has been highly anticipated in the Fossil Fam and you may also recognize the track from your favorite Wakaan family’s past sets. The sinister sounds of G-Rex rumbles your speakers with its ominous bass. ‘HITTA’ takes you into the mind of Jake Sweeny and his favorite month and into a new era of “cold-blooded bass.”

“HITTA” is the lead single on G-Rex‘s 3rd upcoming spooky EP titled HOLLOWS. The EP drops fittingly on October 30 and showcases what Sweeny has been cooking up during quarantine, along with an impressive lineup of collaborations including Hydraulix, Afterthought, and Project Pat from Three Six Mafia.

from G-Rex Twitter

“‘HITTA’ is definitely one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever made. I feel like it is the next chapter in my musical journey kind of the same way “Rift” and “Ladi” were in past EPs as singles. I think it does a good job really tying in the rap, horror, and experimental influences of mine all together.”



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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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