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An EP that’ll take you on a ride of its own, Subtronics has yet again caught his listeners ears by the masses. Jesse’s new EP, String Theory, is one to preview for yourself. With massive collaborations from high-intensity audio masterminds, Wooli and Kompany, Subtronics truly unleashes something monstrous. Let’s dive right into this 7-track EP, String Theory.

Photo Taken by Nathen Lane (Wobbleland 19′)

The first track off the EP, “Nitrous Mafia,” was one that truly caught my full attention. Subtronics, as any artist does, continues to evolve his sound and style with each releases from the project. The song has a blend of his new sound; while blending meticulously those huge bass-kicks we all know and love. The second drop shakes the ground just as hard as the first; if not a little harder. Definitely one of my favorites off of the EP.

The next track on the EP is another original, “Clockwork.” The song starts off with this magical melodic intro, that’s met with that wooked-on-tronics style and sound his listeners are familiar with; something wonky. The second drop takes you right back in on your adventure of the EP.

The third track from, String Theory, was the collaboration with Wooli, “Melt Ur Brain.” The collaboration promises hard-hitting sounds and styles of dubstep from both icons in this realm of electronic music. I have a strong feeling this song will be rinsed at live shows frequently, as the song just makes you want to jump right into the pit with hazmat suits on (to protect you during this pandemic of course).

Photo Taken by Nathen Lane (Wobbleland 19″)

Next, we have another original by Subtronics, “bRoKeN cOdE.” The song brings out more of that wooked-on-tronics, slowing the bpm a little bit; while increasing the womps and electronic cyclop sounds. I really enjoyed listening to this track; as I feel we will see a lot more of Subtronic’s wonky side of the project.

The fifth song on the EP is the other collaboration with the well-known producer Kompany, called “Wicked Witch.” One thing that really caught my attention with this song was the samples scattered all along the song. I feel the voice is the same voice that’s been in previous songs released in the past few years. “Wicked Witch,” is promising with high-intensity and tear-out dubstep that’ll make you throw elbows in your velcros. The blend of both artists sound and style is immaculate across the board. Another favorite from the 7-track EP.

Next up is the title track, “String Theory.” I loved this song since it has this new style in Subtronics sound that just fills the room. There’s a mix of heavy dubstep and once again his oh so familiar Wooked-On-Tronics sounds that just get under your skin and fill your soul in the best of ways.

CLosing out the EP is “Professor Chaos.” The song takes it back a notch and chills things down, while slapping a bass-filled tempo to your speakers, sending chills up your spine. This song is my favorite on the EP; as it’s much more wonky than any of the other songs and hits me just how I like it.

Photo Taken by Nathen Lane (Wobbleland 19″)

Overall, Subtronics has shown the listeners what he’s made of. The 7-track EP, String Theory, was something Jesse was very excited to release, and the response has been nothing but positive. Breaking grounds and continuously critiquing his styles and sounds in his music, Subtronics has yet again exceeded his listeners interest in the project. Be sure to check out the EP, String Theory, if you haven’t done so already.

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