Anonex & Kadena‘s deadly new collaboration, “Shut It Down”, was recently released on SUBCARBON and is a perfect addition to the labels sound. This dubstep track is overflowing with aggressive, head bang-inducing sounds sitting right underneath a catchy vocal, complimenting each other and building us all up before we’re dropped into the void. Both producers expertise in their own respective genres shine through, and both seem to lift each other to new heights on this outright banger. We were lucky enough to be able to ask Kadena some questions about “Shut It Down”, getting to hear about the process in his words as well as what it was like to find out he was releasing on SUBCARBON. Check out both the track and his answers to our questions below!

How did you and Anonex come together on “Shut It Down”? Was the track something that came together quickly or something that took you guys a while to form?

ANOXEX and I actually met through Partica Artist Group, and the track started as a project I made during a 24 hour beat challenge hosted by Partica to celebrate 10,000 followers! ANOXEX and I had been talking about getting together in a track at the time, so I sent the project over to him and he got a V2 back to me within a day. The track came together so naturally and fluidly between our two styles (myself being more experimental and perry (anoxex) being more dubstep and trap influenced). There’s a lot of anger in this track, when we were writing this track, we were both so angry with the social injustices happening in this country and we wanted to turn that anger into art the same way our predecessors like Rage Against the Machine or NWA did, and make this track a rallying cry for the underground which is where the vocals “shut it down” actually come from. We’re referencing shutting down this corrupt system. We had the vocals done and put another few sessions into it, and we spent the summer shopping it for the right label! 

What was it like getting that confirmation from SUBCARBON? Dream come true or what?

Yes absolutely, I’ve been a huge fan of the label and of Ganja White Night since the beginning of my journey as a producer. Working / chatting directly with Ben and Erwan from GWN was so surreal, they were so helpful and supportive through out the whole process.

Now that it’s a couple days post release, what has the general reaction been to “Shut It Down”? Can we expect to hear this at an upcoming stream or event?

The response so far has been absolutely amazing. Before its’ release, we submitted the track to multiple demo streams and got downloads from Dirty Audio, Tynan, Wuki, Hex Cougar and more so I’m very excited for the future of this track and hope to hear it getting played out quite a bit.

Check out both Anoxex & Kadena on their socials linked below, and keep up to date with their newest releases as well as what they have planned in the future!

Connect with Anonex

Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Kadena

Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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