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Probably one of the most anticipated and talked about tracks that hit Twitter by storm is finally out. Newcomer to the scene, Papa Khan qtook Twitter by force over the summer when he released a teaser to his new track, Rain. Garnering over 5.7K likes, and almost 1000 RTs since June, Rain set up Papa Khan for his meteoric rise through the scene.

Photo Credit: Instagram

His extremely unique style of melodic structure that dances across the piano roll brings a certain beauty to it’s chaotic sound. Papa Khan has already captured the attention of some HUGE names (notably of course Marshmello who’s label Joytime Collective released Rain) in the industry already such as Marauda, Subtronics, SVDDEN DEATH, Modestep, and many many more. He was also just recently picked up by the United Talent Agency who represents some of the BIGGEST names in our scene.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Papa Khan is just getting started too. Already with two major releases out (the first with Malignant Vol 1), he has some BIG things in store for fans of his unique sound. And what a sound it is. In what feels like an over-saturated market, it’s incredibly refreshing to get something new for once. It’s almost a disservice to even put him in a particular genre because Papa Khan really breaks out of any traditional sound that’s been around. With heavy influences from the hardcore rock scene with some sprinkling of his own cultural style, we are witnessing the beginning of a long, long career.

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