We at TRILLVO are proud to introduce you to Veer, and the title track off of his Malfunction EP. Veer hails from the coastal city, and heartbeat of Bollywood – Mumbai, India. Clocking in at 18 years old, he’s ALREADY burning through some major goals and showing no signs of cooling down. He has released previously with Railbreakers and his latest Never Say Die: Black Label debut follows up the release of his Game of Phones EP that came out in September via Full Flex Audio.

The Malfunction EP is absolutely bonkers and packed to the rim with fresh heavy hitting dubstep glitch sound design that’ll have you questioning what exactly constitutes music. Veer is definitely taking us down a new path that we are excited to see where it leads, and we aren’t the only ones. Artists like Akeos and Subtronics are already fully aware of Veer’s talent levels, both top-of-the-game producers having already played out and supported Veer tracks in some of their latest livestreams.

attached-veer-1 Photo given by Veer

Now let’s dive into the sauce of why you’re really here, the title track “Malfunction.” Setting the scene with straight vibes Veer wastes no time to decode the source code of the track as it glitches into near non-existence before promptly slapping you upside the head in the most brutal, but warmest of welcomes. Almost every listen you’ll pick up a new element in the drop that will just drive you that much more mad with its forward thinking design. The tranquil melody from the intro is reintroduced on the break hooking you back into the reality of its beauty before it again deconstructs itself as if “malfunctioning” back into a drop that will have you ctrl+alt+deleting you’re entire understanding with its maddening momentum.

“The title track, “Malfunction” was an accident. I had a really bad writer’s block while making it and I was trying to find different ways of resampling and it just…happened. This EP is honestly a dream come true for me, as NSD: BL has been one of my dream labels since I started making music. Super excited to see what others think about it and enjoy the EP as much as I enjoyed making it!”


Make sure you pre-save the EP and stay tuned throughout the week as the rest of the tracks off the Malfunction EP are released!

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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