soulecist. takes us on an emotional journey into the sunset of a heartbreak with his debut things i wish i said but didnt EP,  featuring Mel. Setting the scene with some soft piano work paired perfectly with Mel’s voice like a fine wine, “I Wish” starts the EP off introducing you to the full majesty of the collaborative creation. The track is a soft groove that’s too easy to get lost into with snares that hit at just the right synergy. Simple but beautiful. “Home” continues the elegance starting again with a soft sweeping piano as Mel’s voice keeps us tied on wanting more. Once the melody hits we get transported into a straight hypnotizing groove that’s straight out of the heart of solecist. “Long Ride” rounds out the EP and once again showcases nothing but straight vibes, as its melody gets you bobbing your head along before it reloads like shotgun and double taps you right in the soul.
Originally the album was 3 solo tracks that were written by me to be instrumental, “just for my ears” kind of thing. I sent the songs one by one to Mel, who really helped bring more of a narrative to the tracks. I think working with Mel was probably one of the easiest collaborations I’ve ever had, even if it was remote. Being from San Francisco and her being in New Port, schedules and timing were key but it always worked out even if her or my schedule got hectic.

I sent her the tracks with little to no real sense of direction or “theme,” but we had a few talks about where we were in life and she had sent me a rough version a few days later that immediately made me feel like “wow I feel this and resonate with it 100%.” We kept the ball rolling from the 1st session to the 3rd.

All in all, she and I had a blast making every single song and once we had wrapped them up, we both decided to make it a cohesive body of work with this heartbreak and love narrative; which we both can personally relate to.


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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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