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It’s been about a week since MIZE released his latest mixtape REFRACTIONS which is currently over 31k plays for his 47 minute & 18 second masterpiece. With 5k likes, 750+ reposts, 450 comments and plenty of articles written it’s clear Ian has a lot of people talking, here’s why MIZE is making much more than just a little noise.

Algalon The Observer

“You can’t come close, you don’t even know I’m the GOAT…”

The mix was released on October 7th, 2020 which is the second anniversary of the passing of Mac Miller. Ian pays homage to Mac by playing a sample of “Jet Fuel” in his intro, following the quote from Algalon The Observer (a Constellar character from World of Warcraft).

RIP Mac Miller

In what many have accepted as the mixtape of the year is 15 unreleased IDs, 5 of which are collabs featuring Computa, Matheny, SFAM, Psyoctave, & Conrank. All the while firing with over 20 acapellas and samples from his arsenal he’s become known for. It’s really neat people are using the familiar music to identify their favorite parts of the mix to navigate an unknown sea of IDs. After a quick tally from his twitter page and The Mize Manor most people agree on the “Grind With Me – Pretty Ricky” mashup being THE favorite. But in close proximity are “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy,” “Best I Ever Had,” and the Gorilla Zoe mash ups.

from MIZE twitter

“Wetness all around me, true, but I’m no island
peninsula maybe
It makes no sense, I know crazy…”

Picking favorites is hard though because the entire thing is great start to finish. For many it’s the sound accents speckled throughout the mix, like the MIZE signature during the “It’s Going Down,” his ID playing through after “My Car Go…” during the “Riding Rims – Dem Franchize Boyz” mashup, or the imessage bloop. It’s also hard to pick a favorite because of the incredible ID’s that play without acapellas at all like the SFAM collab around 21:14 and a few other places in the mix. It’s all impressively very thoughtfully placed sound production.

For me it’s the sexual tension between Mariah Carey‘s “So Lonely” followed by “Freaky Gurl” by Gucci Mane that’s something sure to make some ladies act UP, the DAMN son where’d you find this sample wedged into “Jigglin – Ying Yang Twins

The mix comes to a fitting end with an acapella of “Turn On The Lights – Future” that feels very symbolic for the end of his performance. Most of us have this mix on repeat but if you need more he’s added this mix to a playlist with 6 other all mixes totaling more than 4 1/2 hours showcasing his progression since 2017!

From The Mize Manor



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