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Rusko; an iconic don in the dubstep community, has released yet another EP that is just completely slathered in sauce from head to toe. The EP, Sauce, is OUT NOW on Wakaan! This will be Rusko’s third EP release post-cancer treatment, and the releases just keep getting saucier. Not only is this his first release of the year; but also his debut on Wakaan.

Welcome to the Wakaan Family Rusko!

Photo Taken by Nathen Lane

To start off the review of the EP, here’s a quote from the don himself about his inspirations behind the EP:

“I’m finally thrilled to present 4 slices of brightly coloured dubstep rainbow cake! Fresh out of the oven. I made a lot of music during lockdown, and picked the 4 most fun & shiny wobblers for this exciting debut on Wakaan! Collaborations for me are rare, and getting two of them finished with my two fav producers in the game right now was a dream come true! I hope the energy and hype put into these tracks is transferred straight to your hearts because I can still hear the fresh excitement in all these tunes. Hopefully this is a little ray of Rusko sunshine to brighten everyone’s world and the start of more to come. Love you.” – Rusko

Let’s dive into these tracks shall we?

The first track on the EP was an original by the man himself, “Ecstasy Dreamland.” The track starts off with a faster pace in melodies as it leads you into a beautiful set of tones and sounds at the drop; just making you want to dance all over your room. This song definitely brought out Rusko’s wonky side; just ready to slather you in that sauce. I personally love this track, as it takes you on a ride of emotions and nostalgia; I am just eager to hear this song over some loud speakers.

The next song on the EP was another original by the don called, “Carrot Cake.” This song begins with a few drums beating, followed by this funky melody that keeps you in a trance until the drop. The drop has that unique sound we all are familiar with and love with Rusko’s wonky releases in the past. The bass kicks fill the room as the melody plays out throughout the song. I have a feeling this track will for sure be rinsed out at shows; as anyone who loves electronic music will most certainly enjoy hearing this track. There’s nothing better than wobbling around the place, enjoying your favorite music.

Photo Taken by Nathen Lane

The third track off the, Sauce EP is a collaboration with Dirt Monkey called, “Quarantinis.” The unique sounds blended together meticulously throughout the song shows both artists special sound designs with a nice touch to keep it wonky all the way through. The intro is my favorite; as there’s something about this flute and the bass kicks that really catch my ear. I think the listeners will really enjoy, “Quarantinis,” through and through. The blend of both artist sound styles just fits perfectly.

The last track off the EP is yet another collaboration with the one and only swamp-master-flex, Boogie T, “Wha Gwan.” The song starts off with a few chords strummed on an instrument mixed with a steady melody leading up to the drop. I have really enjoyed these longer intro’s as it gives the listeners; and eventually concert-goers, a chance to breathe before the madness occurs following the drop. There is an immaculate mix at the drop of that swamp-like dubstep sound from Boogie, and that wonky style of melodies from Rusko that just raises my skin and keeps me lost in some sauce.

Photo Taken by Nathen Lane

Overall, Rusko’s debute EP on Wakaan Records, Sauce, is one to take a listen to now. Pursuing Rusko’s wonky side has shown what direction he as taken with his music; and what he’s been whipping up in the studio. All in all, the EP just has too much sauce. If you enjoy a little bit of wobble, a little bit of dubstep, and everything in between, this EP is the one for you. Be sure to preview the EP if you haven’t already!

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