Introducing the long-awaited debut track from CTHLU, “Dream Destruction ft. Filthskreamer.” For those who don’t know CTHLU is the new alias from Houston’s own hidden diamond Xwire. We caught up with Xavier to get his own words on why he decided to make the change, what it means to him, and how it was collaborating with Filthskreamer for the debut.

Shot by [₳M₱]

CTHLU started out as a vent project where I’d start (and finish) music during my anxiety attacks. Usually these lasted 2-3 hours, so instead of letting it cripple me I’d just make random sounds and put them together into a track. More often then not I’d hate the outcome because it would remind me of what I was feeling in that moment.

Last year when I almost quit the Xwire project, I kept making music under CTHLU as therapy even though I hated each creation. Eventually I realized that that was a part of who I am and I learned to filter my emotions a little better into my music.

The reason I decided to rebrand/split them even more was due to the fact that I wanted to take the Xwire project in a more melodic, musically inclined direction. You’ll definitely be able to tell the difference if you put this track and say…”Hoping” or “Color Theory” (which comes out in November 3) next to one another. You’ll definitely notice a huge divide between the two, where one channels the negative/dark emotions I feel and one channels my ability to hear and see music in color. Chromesthesia is the condition btw, it causes a cross-wiring of the senses so in some people such as myself, hearing music invokes my sight essentially causing me to see colors in music.

Shot by [₳M₱]

As far as working with Filthskreamer…it’s fucking awesome. He’s such a nice dude. I sent him a different track a while back like…5 months ago I think, and he really liked the idea so I sent him a bare version of that (basically no vocal samples) so he could do his thing, and he sent me what is in “Dream Destruction” like 3 days later.

Around that time I was highly unmotivated to make anything heavy because I felt I was losing myself so when I DID get to work on it, I couldn’t find a way to end the song properly. Then I started this one, and I just showed him what he had and he loved it so we just went from there. Fun fact btw, towards the end of the song you can hear him talking to his cat because he was meowing during his vocal sessions and he realized he was STILL recording but kept that in what he sent me. I decided to keep it and use it towards the end and he didn’t even realize it until I told him later lmao.

As you can see this is a project full of love and emotion. We are more than excited to watch CTHLU rise up from the depths to claim what is his. Make sure you peep the track NOW and follow his all new Soundcloud to give him a proper debut!

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