Written by Erik Gonzalez

West coast artist Erick Orrosquieta, also known by his stage name Deorro, is one of many high-energy producers we’ve seen gain momentum over the last decade. Deorro’s immense love for electronic music as well as his Mexican heritage are just some of his best attributes that have led him to become a platinum-selling artist with his own label, Panda Funk Records, as well as a wide and loving fan base. Most recently, Deorro dropped the highly anticipated single “Beso” released via Ultra Records.

Photo taken from Facebook

The track is to say the least a rollercoaster of progressive vibes. Even releasing the track has been a rocky journey. Deorro went on twitter explaining how he

“Eventually found [“Beso”] on an old mac, that computer was nearly impossible to start up, I had to connect directly to the memory, but even that wasn’t working right. Little by little I grabbed all the files and samples necessary to have what I needed to put it back together.”

“Beso” starts off with a quick fast paced beat and turns the mood into a smooth wave blended with reggae and cumbia. The beautiful Spanish lyrics, translated into “Lend me a kiss, Do not be afraid, I promise you, that I will return it to you” amplifies the song into a unique build up that ultimately ends into a hard house drop filled with electrified drum beats. By keeping his mind open to new sounds within his production, Deorro has been able to create incredible tunes that transform him into an even more advanced artist that’s surely already popular among the Latin-electronic scene. Listen to the track below via the Soundcloud link or click here to view all streaming portals!


Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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