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Just because festival season was canceled this year doesn’t mean we don’t get some epic bass anthems. The duo of Oli and Hallucinate take us on a journey through time and bass in their latest collab, “Desert,” released via Electric Hawk’s NEST. These Florida boys ain’t messing around when it comes to that deep deep. Combining the lurid and deep sounds of the deep dubstep world with the wooktastic wubbs we have all come to love, this dynamic duo brings the heat with this track.

Hallucinate – Photo Credit Hallucinate Team

They take you on a trip through windswept dunes of sound that leads to an oasis of bass in this one. A hard hitting reese bass that pumps through the track is the perfect guide through the haunting and ephemeral vocal leads. For me, its that hard edge around a layer of softness that makes this track really pop. Leading into the B section, it completely drops all hints of that softness from the beginning of the song. It immediately slams into you with that pulsating bass that fans of deep dub all love so much and brings back the haunting vocals to wrap it all up nicely.

Oli – Photo Credit Oli Team

“The inspiration was lost and found throughout the last year while producing this one. The artists took turns tweaking different things they didn’t want to keep, which in the end became useful. The both of them spent countless hours, not just on “Desert,” but working on their signature sounds. In time, this solidified the direction they wanted to take with the production which gives fans the finished project we now have today.”

Hallucinate & Oli Team
Hallucinate – Photo Credit Hallucinate team

Electric Hawk has been pumping out some amazing content this year between their virtual festivals, live stream sets, and releases like “Desert.” We here at Trillvo are pumped to see what kinds of things they come up with next. Especially with the duo of Hallucinate and Oli on their roster.

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