The LA-made DRFT goes quite literally coast-to-coast to meet up with Floridian Where’s Rin, creating the addictingly quick DnB track, “Child’s Play”. The stand-alone voice brings an amazing, fun message to the track, and one that really drives home how completely nuts this track gets. There’s this feeling throughout that perhaps, I should be in a bathroom jamming to this at max volume with my mates. Once you click that play button, be ready to dedicate the next 4 minutes and 14 seconds of your life to the DnB way of life. Take the safety off your finger-guns, and go in blasting.

“Child’s Play” quickly became a favorite of mine, personally putting me in a mindset of “who cares, just create” each time I listen through. Where’s Rin, a more melodic and upbeat producer, gets into the dirtier side of things for the first time on a release (to my knowledge), and since DRFT is headlining this weekend’s Nightenjin x Arcadium Death Stream alongside Youngblood, you can no doubt to expect this to be heard on a stream soon. Make sure to check out the aforementioned stream this weekend, as well as DRFT and Where’s Rin on their socials linked below!

Connect with DRFT

Soundcloud | Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Where’s Rin

Soundcloud | Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Posted by:Chase Wilson

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