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If you are like me, you might have found yourself in a lingering gloomy feeling lately. There is just so much going on lately that seasonal depressies seem to be coming early, in an already hectic year. It’s been difficult to feel comfortable listening to music simply because a lot of it seems so out of place with live music at a stand still. If you find yourself feeling the light at the end of the tunnel seems extremely dim, this mix might be for you.

Photo from ONHELL Facebook

ONHELL‘s latest mix entitled “ONHELL‘s chill sad beats mix” is about 56 minutes long [all unreleased originals] and even though it might not be in the name, there are a lot of Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos elements. From the spoopy vibes in the beginning while ONHELL introduces the mix, to remembering and paying homage to artists who have passed like Lil Peep & XXXtentacion, those elements are truly felt.

This mix is packed full of music and sounds to just vibe to, it is so relieving and soothing to listen to while reading or studying. A few of my favorite parts have to be the “Love Galore” – SZA & “Roll in Peace” – Kodak Black samples but that “Misery Businesss” – Paramore part will always pull a heart string. If you’re into chill music then you’ve gotta give it a listen.

ONHELL has been keeping busy this quarant-season with a series of live streams & weekly beat roasts Tuesdays on his Twitch channel featuring some of his friends like, ESSEKS, FREDDY TODD, & ANNA MORGAN! When he’s not roasting beats, he’s roasting peppers! Having recently cooked his 2nd batch of salsa that sold out in 3 minutes. (which was too fast for me to snag a jar; AGAIN) He decided to host a best worst beat contest with EASTGHOST & Of The Trees with the winner to receive a jar from this sacred second batch!

If you haven’t had ONHELL on your radar, here’s your much needed reminder! The man makes tons of great content, Thanks ONHELL! (it’s always helped cheer me up)


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