The creative mastermind of Aweminus is compared to none. The diversity and sound design that Brandon has brought to the table, I believe, has raised the bar and has inspired many producers to strive higher. His tracks like “vibevibevibe” and “Glass Planet” break boundaries. Releasing on his home label, Never Say Die: Black Label, this 4-track EP, UGHH, is full of gut-wrenching tracks and filthy sounds that make you wonder how this could even be possible.

from NSD: Black Label

With recent releases like “Pacman Bullshit” and his remix of MOODYGOOD & Slander’sHeart Break,” we can see Aweminus’ design flourish and see his wide range of production that is clearly showing that mans is ALL gas and NO brakes.

The track starts off with rap vocals chopped up that brings you up into a wicked free base hitter full of synths and rhythms that are out of this realm. Just as you get a taste of the groove the drop slaps ya upside the head and will have ya coughing and choking from its hot nastiness. Thankfully we get another taste of that sweet intro on the break before the second drop comes chasing the white pony back in with full force. If you don’t end up looking like Chris Rock’s Pookie from New Jack City after “roccin” out to this track you aint doing it right fam. The groove and bounce Aweminus has in his tracks just really get your vibing and “Cracc Rocc” doesn’t disappoint.


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Crack is Whack kids. Don’t do drugs.

Posted by:Victoria Garces

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