Written by Nathen Lane

One of the largest influencers in Trap Music, UZ, has just released his last album, Trinity, under the project on his own label, Good Quality Records. The 15track album sways different genres as you listen through; portraying his latest styles and sounds. The album contains a few collaborations including Hucci, SoloSam, Brothel, and a handful of other artists across the spectrum. This takes a glance at some of his last releases under this project. Having two other alias’s throughout his musical career, the album is full of influences from both in this journey from start to finish. I’ll go over some of the tracks that really caught my attention. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Picture Taken by Alex Cane

The first track that really stood out to me (In no particular order) off the 15-track album, Trinity, was an original by the man himself called, “Monster.” The song starts off with an eerie set of melodies and tones that just creep under your skill awaiting the drop moments later. The drop fills the bass in your speakers and those unique sounds by UZ surface. I love how soothing the melodies are in the intro, while the rest of the song gives you this dark feeling inside.

The next track that really got my attention was his collaboration with Holly and $K, “Rockstar.” On top of nefarious vocals from both vocalists, the beat to the song has that hard-hitting rap/trap sound one is familiar with; with sounds unique to UZ throughout the song. The beat really gives the song a nice touch as it fills your speakers.

The third track off the, Trinity, album that I really enjoyed was a collaboration with SoloSam, “Fire.” I really enjoyed the beat that was created for this track; as I hear that constant massive bass-kick all throughout, while blending his style of sound to create something his audience will truly enjoy. I definitely recommend previewing this song; as that hard trap blends with vocals from SoloSam.

Picture Taken from UZ’s Facebook

Next, we have another heater of a collaboration with Snowy, “Suffering Suckatash.” This track consists of grime which is very popular in the UK; an area he once lived in. While living in the UK, UZ had another alias, one whom was more directed towards Drum & Bass; as what was largely influential in that area. I really enjoy the vocals, as there is something about grime and the style behind that area of rap that intrigues me. If you don’t know what Grime is, I highly suggest starting here, and digging deeper!

The fifth song on the album UZ released was his collaboration with another legend in Trap Music, Hucci, called, “Awakening.” The track starts off with a calm melody as if it were coming from a piano, before the first bass kicks. The drop is met with bone-chilling bass and high-intensifying beats and sounds from both artists unique styles of Trap. This was one of my absolute favorites off the album; as a collaboration between the two influential artists create something so meticulous.

Photo Taken from UZ’s Facebook Page

All-in-All, the last album UZ released under the project has grabbed the listeners by the masses. There is a track on there that anyone and everyone who enjoys electronic music will enjoy; as I only mentioned a few. From someone whom has seen UZ and the project climb through its path from years ago, it’s never an official good-bye; while the music lives on forever.

Be sure to preview UZ’s latest album, Trinity, below if you haven’t done so already!


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