We at TRILLVO are proud to premiere “Shreds” off of Casey Jones latest EP Violent Worlds. The EP actually marks a new step in the producers career, as it will be his first self-released project! Violent Worlds is already garnering the support of some heavy-hitters like Excision, Dirtyphonics, Oddprophet and even the homies over at Space Yacht have showed their love.

On making the track “Shreds” Casey Jones had this to say

When making this track, I had a set of vocals I’ve always wanted to use in a song from the character “Shredder” from Ninja Turtles. The song originally started out at a lower bpm of 150, but I wanted to make it faster and take a stab at the whole drum and bass thing. After figuring out what direction I wanted to go, I tackled it and it was one of those songs I finished in a single day and didn’t think I needed to go back over it a million times.

Photo from Casey Jones Facebook

But lets dive right in to the DNB HEATER.

“Shreds” starts off with a nice solemnly somber tone that sweeps into a tease of whats to come before Master Shredder himself crashes the pizza party and it warps it into pure dark DNB madness with the full force of the Technodrome. Lasers set to kill. That sweet melody from the beginning comes back in to bridge us into the next drop and let us reassess our mental state after the dismantling that just occurred. Of course there’s no rest for the wicked and Casey comes in even CRAZIER with the grand finale, creating something that’s sure to last and keep replaying in your mind.   

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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