Written by Corey Zielke

Up and coming Italian bass music producer Automhate has given us a number of successful releases this year. His Terminhate EP dropped on Disciple Round Table back in May of this year, to much acclaim, gaining support from some of the biggest artists in the scene. Now, finding his home amongst the titans of experimental bass music and melodic riddim, Automhate makes his Halcyon debut with EGO STREAM, a 5 track EP that solidifies his place as a rising star in melodic bass music.

From start to finish, the EP is a journey through intricate melodies and exotic sound design. My personal favorite track from the EP, “MOTION – E,” perfectly captures everything this new and rising genre is about. Powerful melodies and driving basses keep the vibes strong throughout the entire track, it’s an absolute banger, reminiscent of some of the best tracks the genre has to offer.

EGO STREAM offers a full pilgrimage through the bass music multiverse, launching into the future even with the fan favorite “Tonal Riddim.” The track hooks you in immediately with its mysterious vibes before warping you right into some filthy mind bending tones. Automate certainly delivers with his Halcyon debut, showing us all that he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to experimental bass music.

You can stream the whole EP below, or find it available on most streaming platforms. Be sure to follow Automhate and Halcyon for more incredible bass music and check out some of our other amazing articles while you listen to the EP!


Facebook | Soundcloud | Spotify | Twitter | Instagram


Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

Posted by:Corey Zielke

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