Written by Erik Gonzalez

As it happens to be, Halloween festivals, shows, as well as some of the fondest memories we’ve all had during this time of year are definitely going to be different. Due to the pandemic, large-scale festivals seem to be out of the question, while certain shows are having to follow CDC guidelines. As a way to reminisce on some of the beautiful times we’ve had in the past, we’ve put together an uplifting read about some of our members most loving recollections they’ve had within the EDM community during this spooky season!

Nathen Lane (Photographer/Content Writer)
“My favorite memory themed towards Halloween was Nightfall Festival. All my friends were there and was all around just a great time for me and everyone that went. RIP.”

Photo taken from Nightfall’s FB, by Stuttrup

Krysta Zelaya (Content Writer) 
“My favorite edm Halloween memory is from last year. My boyfriend and I did for the first time as our duo project ghosty&grimes. We’re very attached to one another and being able to dj as a duo instead of a b2b felt very special to us. It expressed the way we feel about our relationship which is that we’re not just two people or two artists we’re one soul. It was very meaningful to us to be able to express that musically.”

Bryanna Capoy (Content Writer)
“I wanna say one of favorite memories was Ubbi Dubbi 2019 because I was with a good group of friends each day and i was just in a really good mood myself and a good time in my life”

Michael Placencia (Content Writer/Leader)
“My fav memory would have to be Something Wicked 2017 here in Houston when RL Grime did his set. That was probably the best set that entire night! He played all of his new and unreleased tracks, and the energy that emanated from his set was simply astonishing. That was the best way to cap off the night, and it’s a set I’ll never forget”

Victoria Garces (Owner of TRILLVO/Photographer)
“My favorite Halloween memory is getting to be media at my hometown Halloween festival, Something Wicked, with my best friend and former owner, Raychel. We took the festival by the balls and made it ours. This really opened my eyes to what I wanted to do with my future, I knew I wanted to be around live music and be at the heart of everything.”

Lastly, for myself, my favorite memory up to date was my recent Freaky Deaky (Houston-2019). Largely due to being able to experience so many incredible sets, CloZee‘s being my favorite, with the amazing new and old friends I’ve made over the last couple of years. Moments like these with an amazing group of people have not only manifested so much love in my life, but it’s also allowed me to dive deeper into the realization of just how much music has impacted my life for the better!

Here’s to hoping next year is not only back to normal, but an even better time with all our close friends and favorite artists!

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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