Written by: Michael Placencia

Earlier this year, No Mana blessed us with his debut album, Secret Level. But it turns out, he wasn’t finished yet, because Secret Secret Level is a welcome expansion to the original album. Think of it as the expansion pack to a videogame, or in this case the deluxe edition to the album in the form of an EP. And boy does this EP pack a nice punch. It starts off with a track we here at Trillvo have previously covered when it first dropped (“The Same Way”). But the other three tracks certainly impress. “Stolen Lunch” is a nice little electro tune that has a stomping power to it. “Floppy Disk Nightmares” is one of the standouts of this EP in my opinion though. It starts off small with a nice serene melody, before dropping into Progressive Electro goodness. This track easily and quickly became one of my favorites from the EP, and I would’ve loved hearing this on the original album, had it been ready by then. Regardless, it’s a keeper in my playlist.

attached- No Mana Secret
Photo courtesy of edmidentity.com

Last but not least, “Should’ve Brought My Switch” is the perfect song any gamer with a Nintendo Switch can relate to. It’s got a great chill beat with some deep melodies and tunes that erupt into a solid beat. It’ll definitely put you in the type of mental state of letting your thoughts drift away (or along) to the music. This track is also tied with “Floppy Disk Nightmares” for my favorite, just for how well-produced they are. I honestly can’t get enough of this EP, because I’ve had it on repeat ever since it came out. No Mana‘s certainly more than delivered some essential quality music this year, and we hope he’s given a proper tour to showcase it once this pandemic eventually comes to an end. Regardless, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for him next.

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