Running it back one time to Hong Kong, we are proud to feature another artist from the area Spyro Kong. Coming in at 20 years old, he draws inspiration from artists like, Marauda, DALA, DKKAY and かめりあ(Camellia). It is gonna be a hard one to believe but “Patch” is actually the first track he has ever submitted to a label AND his first time making tearout. Full Flex Audio being the forward-thinking OGs they are realized the talent levels and signed this bad boy with haste.

Here is how the idea for “Patch” came to be in the producers own words.

To be honest, there is no special meaning behind ‘Patch’. I just think the name ‘Patch’ is suitable for the melody I wrote in the track (wait, maybe there is a melody in this track?). I started this project in early 2020, and I have fixed the track many times with small details like fixing the snare which is too snappy and eliminating harsh frequencies etc, since my mixing skills are still improving.

The word ‘Patch’ represents me fixing ‘bugs’ in the track.

If this is him just fixing the “bugs” then homie should become an exterminator full time cause the energy on “Patch” is through the roof and all the way up to Mars. “Patch” hooks you in early on with a sweet melody that morphs into impending doom. Seriously, the track couldn’t have come out on a better date than Halloween. The drop smashes harder than a teenager throwing a pumkin on the ground with their full angsty force. At the same time all the crazy tones and production quality leave you in just as many crushed pieces of wonderment. We guarantee you’ll be hitting the replay on this full journey of sounds.

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Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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