Written by Krysta Zelaya

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Halloween. Pumpkins, lights, gorging yourself on candy while watching every rerun of your favorite Halloween movies. While things may be a little different this year, we can still dress up and dance around our living rooms! If you’re a last minute Halloween planner like I am, you may be finding yourself without a costume. Have no fear! Trillvo has come through with some treats! We’ve featured three awesome female ravers and their recycled rave to Halloween looks!

Ineke Sproet

EDC Las Vegas 2016 Day 2 Outfit

My name is Ineke. I’m 23 years old and I live in Houston, Texas. I’m a gogo dancer, flow artist, and shuffler. My favorite genre of music is house and techno. Oliver Heldens is my favorite artist (I actually saw him that day at EDC in 2016). My favorite EDM event I’ve ever attended was definitely Amsterdam Dance Event. I became interested in EDM around 2012 with dubstep. Once I saw the EDC movie I was instantly hooked on festivals and rave culture. I loved how it was a place for everyone to escape through music to be together, and connect through the love of music, dance, fashion, and art. Trading kandi and the random acts of kindness paired with unforgettable music moments, the production, just everything… what’s not to love?! Dressing up for events is the best part. I grew up on bratz dolls and I have a passion for fashion so I am HERE FOR IT!!!!! I love getting to support badass babes with their art and buy their beautiful creations and create my own art and slay and feel beautiful and dance and have fun. Plus being surrounded by other beautiful badass babes is so nice. One of my favorite parts of events is gagging over everyone’s outfits. 

Halloween Angel (wings by Bailey Gage Art, gems by Lunautics)

The outfit I chose to recycle was debuted at EDC Las Vegas 2016. It was actually a bride outfit and I totally did myself a cheeky EDC wedding. I do remember that night of EDC had some of my most iconic memories of badass sets and moments. I recycled it for Halloween because I have been a broke girl due to the pandemic and didn’t really have the money to spend on Halloween as I always want to. I literally didn’t even decorate 😦  I basically have every piece of rave clothing I’ve ever worn so I love getting to repurpose something and wear it in a new way that no one has seen before. Gotta work with what you got. Plus my friend Bailey Gage Art who I work with occasionally, has these beautiful angel wings she makes and I was like yes yes and yes. Being a brand ambassador for Lunautics [use code INEKE at checkout ;)] I have lots of goodies I could use for Halloween looks so it was all about how can I bring these ideas to life with what I’ve got? The angel look came together first and so effortlessly. I ended up only having time to do one look for Halloween, so I’m really happy about it. 


EDC Las Vegas 2019

My name is Cami and I’m 31. Originally from Bogota, Columbia, I currently live in the wonderful city of Austin, TX. I work as an HR Business Partner at a Tech company in Austin. I love anything to do with the outdoors; hiking, backpacking, camping and exploring!! My favorite EDM genre is house, specifically tech and bass house. I currently can’t get enough of Kaskade, Tchami, and Chris Lake! I’m also a huge trance and trap fan. My favorite EDM event I’ve attended is EDC Las Vegas! I’ve always enjoyed EDM, but fell completely in love with it after I attended EDC Las Vegas 2019. I’d never been to an EDM only festival and the moment I walked into the festival, I knew it was where I belonged. My favorite thing about rave culture is the community. I have made some incredible friendships from festivals and people I have met because of raves. I’ve even made friends just TALKING about EDM! PLUR is such a real thing and I love seeing how people show up for it during festivals and raves. I love dressing up for EDM events because I get to be creative. I’m an innately creative person and it’s not often that that creativity gets to shine through in my day to day job, but when I’m going to a show, from the outfit to the hair to the makeup I get to be as creative as I can be. It’s truly an outlet for that creativity and I love it. 

Halloween Alien

For Halloween, I have chosen to recycle a green sequin crop top and a holographic jacket that I wore to EDC Las Vegas last year! I originally picked those items because I love anything that shimmers or is holographic, and they made me feel my best at EDC. I’ve chosen to upcycle them for Halloween because they are perfect for my alien costume! My husband and I are going to the EDM Drive In rave in San Antonio for Halloween so we are going to dress up. My Halloween look was inspired by my current obsession with UV makeup. I wanted to choose a character that would literally glow and an alien was the perfect fit. My husband is going as the Mandalorian (Baby Yoda included) so going as an alien is the perfect fit! 


BassStation 2020

My name is Christy. I’m 24 and from St. Charles, Illinois. I am a business management professional with an emphasis on entrepreneurship. I have a multitude of hobbies including horseback riding, twitch gaming, modeling, and painting. I love edm. I mostly lean towards techno, grimy dubstep, and bouncy beats. I will forever have Electric Forest and EDCLV as my favorite music events. My favorite artists are Zeds Dead, Excision, and generally any musician as long as they aren’t a horrible human lol. I became interested in EDM and rave culture back in 2012 after hearing some classic edm songs like the Skrillex remix of ‘Cinema’. From there I started to go to shows like Bassnectar and Zeds Dead, but also some more underground local music spots to enjoy a wide variety of tunes. One of my favorite things about rave culture is the acceptance you feel by everyone in our community. You are able to go be yourself and escape from the world and any judgment. People are so supportive, and it really does make you feel at home. You can escape reality! You can dress up as a rave fairy, techno geek, nerd, hello kitty, the options are endless. I love to go all out and plan out my outfits because I enjoy the creative aspect. But wearing a costume isn’t required! You can go in a t-shirt, hoodie, or even pajamas and still have a great time! Do what makes you happy. That’s what it’s all about. Just make sure you are still able to head bang and ride that rail!

Halloween 2020

The accessory I will be recycling is a rhinestone captain hat. I originally wore it to a recent event- a space related show at BassStation in Waukegan, Illinois. I was inspired by all of the incredible rave princesses that I have seen who create a glittery rave captain ensemble. I wanted to recycle this hat because it is so dang cute and fits my Halloween costume!

Check out the links below to keep up with these amazing ravers!
And from me and TRILLVO to you and yours, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


Inekemaria | Lunautics | Bailey Gage Art


Christy Instagram | Christy Twitch

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