Electronic music is full of new and rising talent, every day brings us new music and new artists, each with their own level of passion and creativity that they bring to the table. The tools needed to make radio quality music are more accessible than ever in 2020, and it has given way to many rising stars and overnight sensations, giving so many an opportunity to have their creative voice heard. Artists go from making music in their bedroom to playing for thousands of people seemingly overnight from our perspective, but the process is actually extremely long and arduous. This new monthly series of mine aims to help artists overcome some of these obstacles. Welcome to my “NEW AND HOT LIST“, a monthly series in which I highlight some of my favorite and most overlooked artists in bass music and EDM each month, hopefully giving a spotlight to artists who may get lost in the sea of music that gets released on a weekly basis in our scene. These artists deserve to be heard.

With that being said I’d like to kick things off with the first artist of my new series:


Dave Scafetta of Buffalo, New York has been a name that I have been seeing more and more all of 2020. With a steady stream of new releases, gaining support from some of the biggest acts in EDM, and having his tracks played at events all over the country, it’s no wonder that SCAFETTA has been gaining a reputation for himself in the underground bass music scene. His tracks regularly top the soundcloud EDM charts, most recently his new single “Save Me From Myself” hit the top 10 inside of a week of its release. SCAFETTA will no doubt be a staple name in the bass music scene in no time.

Soundcloud | Facebook 


Second on this list is the madman Akira Khan. With a creative flow that is quite frankly unmatched in hybrid trap, Akira Khan is consistently putting out new and original music, this year alone having released 2 full-length LPs, “Hephaestus” and “A Message From The Underground”, as well as several EPs, most recently his “A Journey To The End” EP. Every track this 15-year-old(!!) Australian producer puts out is completely insane, from the mind of a madman himself. We will no doubt be hearing from this up and comer for years to come.

Soundcloud | Instagram 


The underground dubstep scene is flourishing with talent, and this next guy is no exception. JVMPSKARE‘s unique take on melodic bass music is reminiscent of some of my favorite Halcyon releases so far. The sound design and melodies are nothing short of professional and this rising artist deserves much more recognition than he gets. His most recent release, the Animus EP, is out now via The Goblins Lair, a young underground bass music collective who’s just getting their start in the scene.

Soundcloud | Facebook 

As you can see, there is no shortage of talent for us to spotlight here. With thousands of people picking up and installing programs like Ableton and Fruity Loops for the first time each and every day, there is a constant flow of new and rising talent for us to showcase, and I plan to continue to give these unnoticed artists a platform on which to be discovered. Be sure to check back next month for my next edition, and don’t forget to follow these guys and stay on top of their upcoming releases! I have no doubt these will be names we will be hearing for years to come.

Posted by:Corey Zielke

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