Vancouver-native Poni combines darker, more aggressive dubstep-esque sounds with a lighter, more upbeat soundscape in a breath-taking way on her remix of REAPER‘s “Barricade”, and had me quite literally break my jaw on the floor with this new release. This remix, released on Monstercat, effortlessly combines two completely opposite soundscapes into one full, unified piece. Poni‘s remix incorporates both dubstep and future-bass[?] elements, with heavily distorted bass and a myriad of robotic noises setting this track apart from its peers. Run that play button ’til it’s smoking, and throw Poni‘s “Barricade” remix a quick playlist add.

Poni‘s remix of REAPER’s “Barricade” hits you hard. It’s got high octane from beginning to end, and its use of bass to where it’s prominent but not overbearing creates a blend of power behind the track. At first this track feels like it might be a full on Dubstep remix, but it’s that use of distorted bass and different robotic sounds that sets it apart, as well as the second drop and it’s upbeat vibe. Most notable for me would be my favorite part of the song, which is the drop at 2:44. It’s that final gut punch to your ear that really shows you Poni has gone all out and unleashed everything. The robotic chopped echoes of the lyrics just make the drop that much better. With an explosive remix like this, Poni should now be on everyone’s radar. 

After the play button’s finally broke, click on Poni‘s socials linked below to be ready for the madness coming out of her corner in the future.

Connect with Poni

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Posted by:Chase Wilson

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