With the iconic Dirty Talk EP, and sophomore EP Killjoy, under his belt the UK producer Hukae releases his 3rd EP titled Future on Never Say Die: Black Label. Fair warning though, this 4-track EP is packed with tunes ready to rattle your speakers so strap yourself in for one hell of a ride. Following his insane Malignant livestream with Marauda, we finally get to hear full versions of anticipated tracks such as “Doozy” and we are proud to premiere “Good Joke.”

from NSD: Black Label

“This new wave of melodic/future riddim (or whatever it may be called) is amazing to me! The incorporation of melodic elements within really dark, grungy songs just sits so right in my opinion. There’s so much new talent arising and showcasing what they can do melodically recently and it’s so fun.”


The producer has been known for his wonky dubstep vibes and melodic sound, a wave that has been rising in Dubstep too. Hukae’s sound is something I honestly haven’t heard before. The fluctuations between melodic, heavy, wonky and all the way weird really keeps you intrigued and wanting to listen to more. “Good Joke” and this Future EP is nothing different from that.

“Good Joke” gives no room for breathing with it’s unique structure and form. Hukae brings us a lively intro that twinkles to life before modularly mutating behind a quickly teased snare. The intro glitches from beauty to bass as it laughs at us and brings us to its unique wonky but still headbang inducing groove. This one is gonna have a few people confused on whether to do just that or bust out in some free form dance moves. While you choose your own reality though Hukae brings back in that sweet melody from the intro just so he can destroy it again, along with our minds…now I get the joke!

“In terms of influencing me as an artist, I don’t really like to put labels on my music as I just make whatever I like at the time and just see it as “music.” Regardless, I would definitely say that I’m even more experimental with my music these days. I’d like to say that I have always tried to be different and outside of the box with my songs, but hearing all of this new crazy experimental music, I can’t help but to be inspired to make so much weird music right now!”



Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram


Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

Posted by:Victoria Garces

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