A year later and he’s finally back! That’s right, deadmau5 has graced us with one of the most serenely exquisite tracks I’ve heard in years. This time, he’s aided by Kiesza’s euphoric vocals. And let me just say, these lyrics are some of the most memorable in a deadmau5 song. What’s even better is that we’re blessed with three different iterations of the track! The radio edit gets straight to the point, albeit shorter than what I’d like. The alternative mix is an interesting yet almost Deep House take on it, but the true winner is the nine minute plus long version of the song. This version starts off with Kiesza’s soft vocals, leads us to a grand buildup that only deadmau5 is iconic for and then gives us nice concise bass drop with prominent ping-like sounds accompanied with well-placed claps and some of the best kicks to match.

Photo credit: dancingastronaut.com

The nine minute journey that is “Bridged by a Lightwave” is how a deadmau5 song is meant to be experienced. The addictive chords, powerful progressions and thought-invoking melodies are what I love about deadmau5 tracks like these. It’ll be worth hearing it live once the Mau5 is able to go on tour again. Those who attended the few drive in shows he had in Canada may have already been lucky enough to hear this track live. Regardless, if this is any indication of what we can get in the future (maybe even from the next album?) then you can already count me more than fully invested.

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