Trap is back, but this time let’s make it tribal.

TroyBoi makes an epic return to the scene with a special new track, “Mother Africa” where he pays homage to his roots with a selection of African jungle beats twisted into his trap legacy that we all know and love. Originally to be released on his upcoming new EP, TroyBoi decided to release the track as a stand alone to give the song itself a bigger platform.

The track opens with powerful vocals that leads into chants that begin to pick up as the beat intensifies into the first drop. My favorite addition to this track is the actual lion roar that leads into a collection of trap tune effects. In a mass of music manipulation, this is something we haven’t fully heard from TroyBoi as he is well known for smooth trap tracks, almost edgier in a way. The track is like a perfect storm of two different qualities of music put together.

TroyBoi has also shared that a portion of the proceeds from the track “Mother Africa” will be going to the organization Save The Children to help change lives through the music he creates. So STEAM “Mother Africa”!


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Posted by:Haley Darbonne

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