Boris Daenen, or as many know as the iconic NETSKY; has just released a watch party including a set by the man himself from his latest album, Second Nature. The 18-track album consists of many long-awaited tracks (played live) along with numerous songs with new styles that show Netskys’ journey through the project. The album is truly a masterpiece from start to finish. With the announcement from Netsky doing an album showcase with UKF (MVPs) at the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium, listeners from all over the world from ages all over the spectrum, joined this watch party as we all danced in our rooms; and tapped our feet with joy for 40 minutes.

The stream begins with a very dramatic tone fading into Netsky; as he walks down the center of the room, entering the new environment within the Antwerp Zoo. Following his entrance into the new world of endless living creatures in the Zoo, a set of melodies are strung as he follows the path amongst the fog towards the CDJ’s; already keeping the listeners at the edge of their seats peaking with excitement.

The first track to start off the showcase was a collaboration with Daddy Waku, and Chantal Kashala, “Everybody Loves The Sunshine.” The track consists of sounds and melodies that just put you in a good mood right off the bat. It’s the type of song I’d wake up to, crack open a cold Yerba Mate and spark a morning joint, ready for anything that lies ahead of me for the day. I enjoyed the way the stream started with this song. A nice way to ease into the rest of the showcase. Very nice Netsky.

The next track that played was an original off the album called, “I Choose You.” The blend of voices over those D&B kicks we all know and love just fill the room with warmth and joy; something the world is in dire need of right now. At this point, I was already starting to feel a level of stress off my shoulders. I felt this moment of warmth in unison with everyone else listening. The energy music surfaces from you is truly spectacular.

The next track to be played was another original by the man himself, “Waiting All Day To Get To You.” The song talks about well, waiting all day to get to you; as if the person is trying to get a hold of someone. Perhaps someone he lost? Maybe it’s a message to his inner self. Maybe he lost himself, and this album is the process of discovering himself; who he is, and why he’s doing what he’s doing. The sounds over the samples keep me tapping my foot consistently.

Throughout the album showcase Netsky and UKF On Air provide for us, there are some collaborations worth mentioning; as I was really drawn in with whom they’re with. Around the halfway mark, is a collaboration with Montell2099, “Mixed Emotions.” This is a song that has been rinsed a handful of times throughout his sets and streams such as Netskys’ Hyper-Vision performance with UKF. I feel this was a song that had been sitting in his library; waiting for the right time and place to release it. I found the placement just right on this album. The collaboration between Netsky and Montell2099 really blew me away. With a mix of soothing voice samples and subtle yet massive kicks and snares, the collaboration came out immaculate. Netsky included a few other collaborations with artists Darren Styles, Sub Focus, and a few others worth previewing.

On top of the artist collaborations; there are a few remixes and bootlegs included in the album showcase. Netsky included a remix of RL Grimes‘ song, “I Wanna Know,” (Co-produced by MYRNE), a bootleg to Virtual Selfs‘, “Ghost Voices,” a Weeknd bootleg to, “Blinding Light,” and a few other ones as well that complete the album showcase meticulously.

The last song played on this album showcase was a collaboration with Becky Hill, “Hold On.” The placement of this song in this set is perfect. There is so much pent up emotion in all of us right now during these times, yet Netsky has helped us release those emotions through the power of his music and this showcase. The vocals in this song talk about how, “The world stops moving…how we are losing…that the best is yet to come.” Those words are powerful; especially right now to anyone and everyone. The drop is met with warm sounds and energy released within the kicks and vocals from Becky Hill. I felt as if all of us listening had just been welcomed with a surge of positivity and reassurance to hold on…things will be okay.

One thing I really do appreciate about this album showcase was not only to create a more interactive setting around the latest release, but to further preview the album to those whom may have not even known he released an 18-track album; full of treasures. I love artists that make their releases more interactive; as I feel it draws the listener to further dive into what the artist and his brand is all about. These showcases and watch parties really do expand the audience on artists’ latest releases; and we are all here for it.

I want to give a massive THANK YOU to UKF On Air, along with Netsky and the whole production team in making a mini-movie that will be remembered for years to come. The responses from a plethora of listeners that were watching the stream live had nothing but positivity to say. Along with the showcase; comes the actual album, “Second Nature.” I highly suggest previewing the album if you haven’t done so already. If you saw the showcase and hadn’t taken a listen at the album yourself, then you got a little taste of the meal that lies ahead.

Be sure to preview the album showcase if you haven’t already; along with the album itself!


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Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud | Spotify

Posted by:Nathen Lane, TRILLVO

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