We love to see a female producer step up to the plate, and DJ Kerys hit this one right out of the park. The two track EP, “Inner Depths” explores a new range of sounds and emotions with each transition from gritty and disjointed Midtempo to Drum & Bass and features Kerys own vocal debut.

Coming off of her virtual performance at The Abyss Festival, Kerys is already blazing through the scene. “Inner Depths” is wild from start to finish as Pt. 1 puts you on a journey throughout the entire track. As the song continues, you are introduced to Kerys very own vocals that haunt you like a twisted lullaby. Pt. 2 takes off with blaring beats that speed up into an almost demonic drum and bass drop that is truly one of a kind.

Kerys was inspired to create such passion within her music from the darkness of depression and anxiet. “Inner Depths” is an emotional and upending journey through sound. 

“Inner Depths was a difficult project to write, but essential to me. When I wrote it, I needed to transcribe all these deep and dark emotions I felt after being diagnosed with mental illness. I guess it was like a step forward for me, both musically and emotionally: putting things into sounds due to a lack of words to describe them properly.” – Kerys

Keep an eye out for Kerys and check out Nova Lotus Music for amazing music!

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Posted by:Haley Darbonne

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