LA-based producer known as KAIVON is best described as an artist who mindfully re-invents his sound with every single he releases. The young producer, mostly known for his melodic and bass driven tunes, draws large emphasis on the concept of being born again. He shares on his socials how writing this latest track, “Free Falling”, describes his “struggle of using substances to escape the horrible thoughts [his] my head” and aims at turning it into an uplifting influence. “Free Falling” Like the majority of his tracks, beautifully gives you the sense of both time slowing down and escaping reality.

Photo taken from Facebook

“Free Falling” is a giant step towards KAIVON’s success as an artist, one reason being because it’s one of the first ones he’s provided with his own vocals. The diversified future bass tune starts out with a serene melody. Gradually, it ends up spiraling into rhythmic drum groove that embraces KAIVON’s signature drops. The serenity within the whole track holds an out-of-this world experience. In relation, KAIVON’s short yet expressive lyrics take the track to another level. “I take pills to take the pain away, Take Drugs To let me fly, I run away from troubles I can’t get out of my mind, I’m free falling Into your heart”. Altogether, the feeling of vulnerability within the lyrics delightfully tells his story with the idea of time, or in this case music, healing wounds through pure emotion. We can expect to see more of this new chapter KAIVON has put forward for 2021. Make sure to keep an eye out! Listen to “Free Falling” right now via the Soundcloud link below. Or click here to view all streaming portals!


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Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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