The Blunt Force EP is the 23rd official release from the UK producer BADKLAAT since his start in 2010, it was released November 20, 2020 on Never Say Die: Black Label. The EP features 4 tracks that smack, “Blunt Force,” “Automatic,” “MK5 Missle,” & “Bruise Up.”

BADKLAAT bangs out the first track “Blunt Force” with a heavy hitting bass line you’ve come to expect from this brilliant producer but more epic than ever! This track was an early release that premiered with EDM Identity. I really enjoyed the build up before both drops, almost setting the scene for the rest of the EP.

The second song in the EP is “Automatic,” which is much more groovy in the first drop before switching the flow up into some awe inspiring DNB in the second drop. This ones was an early release premiere with FUXWITIT; it’s sure to get you moving and is a wonderful testament to BADKLAAT’s diversity!

BADKLAAT then sends the listener back into a war zone with “MK5 Missile,” the 3rd track on the Blunt Force EP. This is is definitely that more explosive riddim track you were hoping for, I can’t wait to hear it played out LIVE…eventually.

To close the EP BADKLAAT hits you in all the right places in “Bruise up,” this halftime banger is sure to be instant classic featuring many elements we’ve come to love from BADKLAAT with a few new ones too; all while tying the rest of the EP together to finish it.



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