When it comes to Excision, the track is set to be one of the biggest releases of not only the week, but the whole month as well. Now an Excision AND SLANDER collaboration? Biggest track of the year. CASE CLOSED. “Your Fault” was a long awaited arrival for fans and it did not disappoint. With vocals from Elle Vee, the track is a masterpiece of both sentimental value and wicked dubstep.

The track begins with Elle Vee’s vocals which can only be described as sad and deep as she sings how hard it was watching someone she loves leave her. However, as the chorus builds, so does the energy of her emotions which ultimately leads to a nasty dubstep drop. However, remember who produced this song and remember there is always another drop within these tracks. As the song continues and the vocals swirl into a melody and the beat slows down, the build begins again. Now this second drop DID NOT have to go this hard, but the boys did not hold back either. It’s loud, in your face, and down right makes me want to get up and headbang.

Releases like this make me miss going to shows and seeing my favorite artist. Cannot wait for the return!

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Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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Posted by:Haley Darbonne

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