The two highly visionary producers, Kill The Noise (KTN) and Wolfgang Gartner, recently paired up to drop their latest single “Battlestations”. The two artists are best known for dropping some of the most exhilarating tracks in the EDM community ever since the early 2000’s. Kill The Noise, real name Jake Stanczak, and Wolfgang Gartner, A.K.A. Joseph Thomas Youngman, have very similar tastes when it comes to their sound designs. Both talented DJ’s have proven to have years of experience in multi-genre production. In fact, even KTN‘s son seems to be a fan of his fathers and Wolfgang Gartner‘s production skills, watch the wholesome snippet KTN recently posted on his social media below.

“Battlestations” is a prime example of how these two have proven their genre-mixing live up to the hype they’ve well-earned. The single begins with a classical sounding melody. The symphonic tune gradually sways into a psychedelic stairway backed up with an electrifying bassline. Midway through the track we get a beautiful switch up from electro-house into some melodic dubstep. By the final drop, the single turns into a dance-floor banger magnetized with an ending sure to take your breath away. Watch and listen to the full track below via the Youtube link, or click here to view all streaming portals!


Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Posted by:Erik Gonzalez

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