With a mind blowing DEBUT set on the recent Halcyon x Space Yacht stream, the Polyriddim “phenon”, phonon, releases a true piece of his mind. The “jazzterpiece”, as Halcyon calls it, titled ’emme’, pronounced “m e”, is true sentiment of Jazz being brought into the EDM world. Breaking boundaries and bending the rules are key elements in Jazz, phonon and ’emme’ keep true to that.

photo by @jveronephoto

phonon‘s 7-minute track takes in on a whirlwind of emotions straight from the beginning, launching you straight into the mind of the young producer with a quick rewind of what you’re about to experience. We get into some more structure with a nice downtempo melody and warming synths. Cameron takes listeners through Jazz journey with different signatures, melodies, soundscapes, and even gives you some scat to vibe to. The full blown Jazz break 3-minutes in gave me FULL 40s Jazz-lounge vibes.

The refreshing use of his vibrant, futuristic melodies balanced with the classic Jazz underlining bass plucks and grooves makes you “think and feel” that music, and music in EDM, is a never ending flow of thought. To be an open-minded and forward-thinking producer, sometimes is just to go back to your roots, find that one thing that excites you, and bring it back into the present.

phonon explains his early influence with Jazz and EDM and how it came to.

“Jazz is something I’ve been exposed to for a long time but wasn’t always a fan of. My sibling is a Jazz Saxophonist, so I spent a lot of my time when I was younger traveling and going to their gigs and practice sessions. Around this time I wasn’t super into it, but what I did love was when my sibling got to solo and just went absolutely ham, playing licks and runs that were just so satisfying and exciting to me. But once the traveling and gigs stopped, so did my exposure to jazz. I never went to seek it out myself or listen to it on my own. However, this changed with time. Over the past while I slowly found myself rekindling with the genre and totally falling in love with it. It opened my eyes to a whole realm of musicality that people aren’t even touching in our scene. There’s a whole world of untapped potential of how jazz and theory can be used in EDM, and I’m excited to see where it goes!”

phonon ยท emme

don’t think, just feel.

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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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