Hailing out of San Antonio, Texas, Blaize has had a non-stop year of BIG moves. He released a collab on Kayzo’s Welcome Records with Jayceeoh, his Clique EP on Buygore and most recently signed on to the Subsida Family.

Blaize is someone who had been grinding away at the game behind the scenes for going on ten years now. It is good to see someone who has stayed so dedicated and that has so masterfully honed their craft to finally be getting the bigger recognition they have been so deserving of. Not to mention he is super humble, on his Clique EP he brought up his homies with him to showcase the raw talent coming out of Texas for all to see on Buygore. When asked about it he said bringing up his friends if he got successful was always something he planned to do. It is no wonder Buygore decided to bring him back for more tunes. 

Always one to stay busy and push ahead, Blaize also has a second house project called Blaise. He decided after a few confused comments on his Blaize project it was probably best to split the two projects for each to obtain their proper growth and audiences. But he throws down house just as smooth as he burns through bass heaters. You may have also heard the same person always rapping on some of his tracks, that is indeed him as well. Having got his start making hip-hop beats early, as many a producers will tell you, Blaize has found a fun way to keep that energy alive and incorporate it into his projects. 

We already know from our talk with him that his future is going to burn just as bright. Check it out for yourself below in our interview with him though to get the full scoop on his future projects that have yet to be announced! 

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Check back for the Guest Mix on Friday 11.27.20

Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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