PKLESTOCK 2 took place in celebration of Alberto Alfaro (PKLE) being in remission and cancer free 1 year! The heavy curated event was held at BAUHAUS & hosted by Underground Syndicate x Bass Mafia on Sat. Nov 21st, 2020

BAUHAUS has only been around maybe a year & a 1/2, so allow me to set the scene for those that have never been. BAUHAUS is in downtown Houston on the southeast catty corner of the Toyota Center. The venue is 2 floors, both neatly decorated giving an upscale feel while maintaining comfort with cute & comfy seating throughout both floors. The sound is pretty well balanced with upstairs just a tad more intense, with more than enough sound to swallow the dance floor. (Don’t forget your earplugs!) There are bars on both floors that sell food (see menu) as well as both female and male RRs on each floor. Someone I was sitting with had the barbacoa burrito, which after demolishing would definitely recommend to a friend! Both floors have patio access with an expanded 1st floor that features a stage for entertainment while you’re outside under the stars. The venue itself is currently surrounded by construction but there was free grass parking across the street when I went.

photo from BAUHAUS facebook page

I’d like to preface this next paragraph by saying I did not get to mention all the talented people that performed. Everyone seemed great and contributed to the event’s success as a whole. (especially the talented GO-GOs, the Bauhaus Babes) Here are some of the notes I did take though:

Dj ALFRED (htx) played a very enjoyable House set on the second floor. I had fun to all the cool boots & cats; thanks! I also got to listen to maybe 1/2 of NOTIC‘s upbeat Dnb selections. It was around this time I start to see people let loose a bit! Following NOTIC, LUCKI JUNGLETTE took the first floor stage and played an awesome feel good dnb set. Both myself and the crowd seemed to enjoy it quite a bit! Awhile after that, BAUHAUS started to fill in & had the front area skanking! I go back upstairs to DISTRIX playing a heart thumping Hardstyle set, to a now filled room. You could feel the crowd, the floor, & the bass shaking in unison! Following that, the top floor becomes host to some epic versus sets, while the bottom keeps the dnb rockin’. The night begins to come to a close as the last dnb artist playing takes the stage to a very welcoming crowd : CHAMBERS. This set is the one I was most excited for as I’d seen Garrett Nelson perform a few times before in various cities around Texas. Without saying too much, he very much exceeded expectations, if you get the chance to catch one of his sets, definitely do so. TR3 MC’d during his set which added nice hype energy to his performance. About an hour later the last upstairs DJ took stage and ARIEZ kept the late night people groovin’ in what I can safely call the most diverse set I heard that night!

photo by yours truly<3

In closing, I want to give an honorable mention to the patio Djs, (ANDRE PATINO & ELIJAH PRICE) who kept it at steady house bounce vibes. Both MCs who added their own flavor to all the dnb on the first floor the whole night (TR3 & TYGREENO) Another S/O to UNDERGROUND SYNDICATE & BASS MAFIA for another awesome annual celebration of PKLE being CANCER FREE a full YEAR! And last but definitely not least, a tip of the hat to BAUHAUS for being such a nice place!

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