Queer choreographer, dancer, dj, and producer, PENNYWILD can now add another title to her repertoire: inventor. In collaboration with finger drumming champion Coby Ashpis, PENNYWILD has created a dance pad that converts foot movement to midi beats. Inspired by her dance background, PENNYWILD wanted a medium for producing music that more accurately fit with how she expresses herself musically. The recently released EP MIDI In Motion was conceptually derived in conjunction with her invention, the “Penny Pad,” and her concept that “movement breeds music.” Check out the Penny Pad in action –> here <–!

The EP itself is an extension of how artist PENNYWILD tells a story through dance and motion. It’s beat centric with an emphasis on a flow that lends itself for fluid movement to its listeners. The first track, “A Dancer’s World: Intro” sets the tone for the concept of the EP. The second track is my absolute favorite on the EP, “Shirley Temple” gives you beautiful summer vibes. It feels like something you’d play while dancing with your friends on a breezy Miami Beach. “Breaktime” immediately breaks it up with a bouncy track you can jack to. Any shufflers will be very excited about the following track “Footsteps”, which was released as a single under Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records. The track marries those chill summer vibes with an electric energy that has you buzzing from head to toe. The final track “Do It To Music” switches up the energy with a Nightbass synth and drum pattern. The swing of the build up and drop forces the listener to move to the magnetizing beat.

PENNYWILD is making waves with her innovative take on how one creates and responds to music. By creating her music from the movement of her “Penny Pad,” she reinvents how one thinks about the construction of production itself.


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