MARAUDA is here once again to give us some absolutely filthy bass that will surely set your soul ablaze. The Australian Dubstep producer just keeps up his hot streak with the fiery new track known as “Avoidable Cause,” which just recently released under Malignant Music. It’s full of intense transitions and shifting soundscapes that will surely rumble any landscape you’re standing on if played on a good sound system. The track itself starts off very abruptly, before quickly building up into the first bass face-inducing drop. A flurry of different sounds, screeches and more make their booming presence known. But it’s where the second drop comes in that really cranks up the filth level. This drop hits you HARD! It’s pulse pounding Dubstep at it’s craziest, and doesn’t cease to stop being as wild as it can possibly be. Whether you knew him as Mastodon before, or are just discovering him as MARAUDA now, we can positively say that he’s surely beginning to make the MARAUDA brand even more well known than ever before.

attached-maraudaPhoto courtesy of Graham Joy Photography

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Posted by:michaelplacencia

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