“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” – Mr. Rogers.

There are a lot of scary things on the news right now, also online, and at the grocery store, and everywhere else it seems. In the midst of this chaos, we can still find people who are helping. We may not have festivals and shows, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve lost ourselves, nor our community. These local collectives have made it a mission to use their platform to help others. I hope that these interviews will serve to remind anyone feeling down this holiday season, to seek the light in the dark, to look for the helpers, and to remember that none of us are alone because we will always have this beautiful, wonderful, crazy community that connects us all.

EVOL Collective

Misha Pavelko & Erika Doyle of EVOL Collective:

EVOL Collective is a group of artists unified by creativity, passion and dedication. Our mission is to embrace the counter culture in our community and to create an atmosphere of love, growth & acceptance. After establishing ourselves in Chicago in 2014, we have now spread our roots to Colorado and Salt Lake City. 

Tracing its origins back to the underground clubs of the late 70s and early 80s, house music first made its big breakthrough in the city of Chicago. And thus, the groundwork was laid for the genre that we all know and love today: electronic dance music. To celebrate this historic foundation and pay homage to the city that serves as its birthplace and home, EVOL Chicago was born in 2014.

In 2020, we evolved and rebranded to EVOL Collective to further unify our community across the U.S. and to continue creating an atmosphere of love, growth, and acceptance, regardless of city origin. Of course, many of us are proud of the city in which we were born, raised, or currently reside, and wish to show it off through our clothing, art & accessories. But it is our hope that we can grow our artist collective from these different cities and instead create a common thread through our unique designs and products. Check out EVOL Collective to shop our latest pins, apparel, tapestries, and more!

In December 2018, we hosted our first Annual EVOL Cares outreach event to help make sack lunches and decorate holiday cards to give to those less fortunate. We coordinated with local food pantries to drop off donated canned goods, over 300 sack lunches, and beautiful hand-written holiday cards.

In March 2020, we continued our EVOL Cares series, but due to Covid it was an online fundraising event. We donated $1 off every Facemask purchase to Feeding America to create over 1,000 meals during this month-long initiative.

We were inspired to do charity events since our company is founded on the idea of love & compassion. Even though normally, we are super busy during festival season, we try to get our EVOL Family together during the holidays in November/December to show our gratitude and continue spreading love through our community.

This holiday season, we plan on doing our third EVOL Cares event, more than likely as an online fundraising event, in order to continue to bring some holiday cheer during such a difficult time for so many families and businesses.



Republik Presents was established in 2014 in Chicago’s underground loft and warehouse parties by C.Z. and T.P. Our mission is to provide the best electronic shows and nightlife events, customized to our attendees taste and preferences. We aim to create experiences and fulfill all customer-centric needs. Our platform involves our community, and we aim to highlight everyone in our community.

Special moments to us are those when we see people we’ve invested in continue their growth and succeed on the path of their craft, whether as a musical artist, visual artist, or fashion artist. We’ve always felt like teamwork makes the dreamwork, and a gathering of the brightest, most talented minds can reach goals together that individuals can not. This idea has always been bigger than us. What has attracted us into this scene, was PLUR. Non-ironically! Peace, love, unity, respect. We try to hold these values true and bring that wonderful sense of entering a community that welcomes all good people. That amazing feeling of gracing the stage in front of a crowd that awaits for you to take them on a journey. That grateful feeling of having your work appreciated. Everyone should feel that way, and if we can help to it, we will!

Prior to Covid, we’ve conducted food and cloth drives for people-in-need. This year, we’ve matched donations towards the American Brain Tumor Association, and produced an event where 100% of the proceeds were donated towards said charity. It is important for us to give back to our community and improve the lives of others outside of the scope of our events. We’d like to continue in 2021 by producing a Charity Gala where we assemble the finest artists to raise funds and awareness towards a TBD charity. We’d like to provide 10% of our profits from all events towards said charity as well. We will provide the option for all folks on our payroll to provide a percentage of their payment towards a charity of their choice, or of common consensus, as well.

Power Moves Music Productions

PMMP with Al Ross
Abby Eaton of Power Moves Music Productions

Power Moves Music Productions, also known as PMMP, was started a little over a year and a half ago by Abby Jo, Sam Perry, and Sean Ashby.. We started this event company to bring the bass community together in our area. We have always valued a “becoming better” mentality. We encourage growth and making “power moves” in every facet of life. We take pride in our events known as “Bass Bangers.” We love supporting local legends.

Prior to Covid, we have hosted a variety of charity events. We’ve done several canned food drives for discounted entry to our events, raising over 200 pounds of food. We have donated several hundreds of dollars, based on a percentage of tickets sold, to our local women’s shelter. During a winter show, we had a coat drive. Outside of events we’ve hosted, many members of our street team are actively volunteering to help the QC Drug Reduction Team by assisting in administering Narcan. We are looking forward to continuing to help our community once we are able to get back into our events!

Check out the links below to keep up with these awesome members of our lovely community! Stay safe this holiday season friends!


EVOL Collective: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

REPUBLIK PRESENTS: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Power Moves Music Productions: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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