Stop what you’re doing and go listen to this mix! (BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!)

Meso (aka Kevin Lee) has dropped the spicy-est mix to date, out of no where! The mix is called “Another Mix That I’ll Probably Delete . . . Enjoi.” and features quite a bit from insane VIPs of your already favorite spicy tunes (like the “Cromatose” VIP he opens with), some new tracks also featuring his spicy brethren, along with a variety of other tracks mixed in including an amazing edit of Fisher‘s “Losing it”, Denzel Curry‘s “RICKY”, “Getting some head” by Shawnna, & “Swing” by Savage.

image cred “Shot By Stasi” from the Wasabi Posse FB group

“All these MFs been patiently waiting!” “Who Can ID em’?”


Without giving too much of it away, (I’ll leave the IDs for the listeners/readers to find) I want to stress the importance of listening to it sooner rather than later! MeSo has deleted every mix he’s uploaded to Soundcloud, with the exception of his most recent house mix “House mix 2” which was released about 5 months prior to “A.M.T.I.P.D. … E.”.

The mix’s comment section if filling quickly with cries and pleas for MeSo not to delete this mix, as well other funny comments like “halfway through this & I’m wanting to throw hands at the next MF that looks at me sideways”. It’s clear young Kevin Lee has done something special again, as i previously wrote before the man released the album of year “Fantasy” & may have also just dropped the mix of the year; you absolutely must go listen & fast!

If you’re looking for a way to suppose this Spicy Bois mission, you’re in luck! Spicy Bois have recently reopened with online store with all new products better than ever before featuring, masks, hoodies, blankets, dresses, pants, shorts, leggings, & even a small fanny they call a “hot pocket! It’s a lot of really well designed products that would make incredible gifts, be sure to use the PROMOCODE “SPICY” for 15% off your entire order!

MeSo has also been offering: “Ableton / Fl lessons. Will go over any topics/questions you have. $50 for a session. Hit the dms” so if that’s something you’re interested I strongly encourage reaching out to him & getting that worked out!


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